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Structure of BMT

There are four main streams of BMT which helps us to achieve our overall mission of “challenging misconceptions through changing the narrative and raising aspirations”.

Forums / Talks

Speaking engagements to key players and benefactors within the education sector to promote the work of B.M.T and provide training.

CPD, research topics and panel discussions that are held periodically either virtually or in-person. This also includes our annual conference events.


Speaking engagements purposed at sparking interest of teaching amongst black males across all levels of the education ladder. Ultimately build the pool of potential recruitment.

Our commitment to pay it forward, to pour into the cups of others - providing support for black boys in secondary schools all the way up to higher education. Through outreach we aim to challenge and discover solutions to remove barriers black boys face when considering education as a career.

Community Hub

This is the social aspect of BMT where black male educators can network in a formal and informal setting.

Providing opportunities for Black men to connect with each other through social activities and events.

Mentoring / Support

Working closely with initial teacher training (ITT) providers to tailor support for black male educators equipping them with the tools required to thrive in education via coaching, mentoring, CPD and more.

Aimed at addressing the mental, physical and emotional aspects of the profession amongst Black males, providing a safe space to share, seek and/or provide support.