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The Bridge Mentorship Programme


The Bridge Mentorship programme aims to provide guidance and support for young black boys as they progress through further and higher education. This investment is something that the next generation of potential teachers will benefit significantly from. We provide mentors to black boys on the programme from Year 11 onwards.

The Bridge Mentorship programme has focused on mentoring boys interested in becoming teachers, but this has been extended to all black boys. We provide a bespoke service for our mentees, with most events being offered free or at a minimal cost. The Bridge Mentorship is one of our flagship provisions; with no joining fee or monthly subscription costs, the programme is free to join.

As the mentorship starts from the end of secondary school, we ensure that the programme is designed to aid educational success and not detract from their focus during their pivotal years. Below is a rough timeline of the work we do with the boys.

Mentoring Audit

All participants will meet with one of the core members of B.M.T. and complete a profile audit with a range of questions, including competency, aspirations, SWOT analysis and academic goals. Through this, we can tailor our help and connect the mentee with a mentor.

Shadow Days

Each participant will get the opportunity to shadow the work of a Black Male educator spanning over all levels of the educational system (i.e. including Primary, Secondary Higher Education and Alternative Provisions). This purpose is to give insight into the various roles within education, ranging from classroom teacher to headteacher.

Virtual/In-Person Workshops

The workshops will give each mentee the opportunity to develop certain skills that can be transferred into their academic and personal life. These workshops will be delivered in-person as well as virtual and they will coincide with the different stages within their life.

Work Experience

The work experience will span over 1-2 weeks at the end of the academic year. It will give each mentee the experience of working in education and other industries of particular interest to them.


B.M.T. is fortunate to work with numerous partners who support the mission of enriching the experience of our mentees. This includes theatre trips, theme parks and sporting activities that fall outside of their academic studies.


Nov – Dec

Individual account made on Slack.Mentoring audit done on Zoom or in person.


Virtual conference: round table discussion with Black Male Teachers.


In person meet and networking.


Fuel4TheJourney revision conference.

June – July

1 - 2 week work experience or shadow days.


End of year social.Graduation onto the next stage.

Spotlight Campaign

Spotlight is a Social Media Campaign, Black Men Teach will be launching to showcase a variety of male educators from Black backgrounds across the UK bringing them to the forefront of our screens within the education sector and wider society. Within the campaign we will be posting a character profile on our social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn).

Through this campaign we hope to show Black Male Teachers that they are wanted, needed, respected, valued by fellow educators, showcasing the amazing work they are doing within our communities.

If you would like to be featured in our Spotlight Campaign, please complete this form:

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ITT Mentoring Solutions

Teacher retention is a national concern, in 2021 4000 more teachers left the teaching workforce than that in 2020. With the representation of black males in the workforce being alarmingly low, providing tailored, impactful and culturally diverse mentoring support is crucial during teacher training. However not all providers and/or schools are able to offer black male trainees this support, preparing them for some of the challenges they may face in education. Author Jefferey Boakye describes black male teachers as being an anomaly within the workforce which is supported by statistics. At BMT we are all about SOLUTIONS, what can BMT do to help promote change? Considering this, we are offering our services in order to aid ITT providers in consciously supporting their black male trainees.




1 Year


Up to 10 trainees

Personal mentor

Monthly mentor meetings


3 group CPD sessions for mentees

Career prospects workshop


2 virtual CPD sessions for cohort


1 in-person CPD session for cohort


1 virtual Q and A session per year

Dear Black Boys Workshop

A bespoke interactive workshop delivered to boys from African/Caribbean and mixed backgrounds. Getting the boys to engage in difficult issues through games, discussion and multimedia. The workshop, is purposed around debunking the myths surrounding black boys, raise aspirations and empower a holistic view towards society.

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Sponsorship Package

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Our sponsorship packages are how you or your business can help us enhance our provision and achieve our mission. This includes our work within the teacher workforce but also the opportunities we offer black male students and schools.

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